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Baja California has become a major film production center centered on Baja Studios, a facility located in the city on the south coast 15 minutes by car from the city of Tijuana: on Rosarito beach.


Originally built for the 1997 production of James Cameron's Titanic, the campus is home to the largest water tanks and sets designed for filming in the world.


Other major productions include MGM's Tomorrow Never Dies, Warner Brothers' Deep Blue Sea, Disney's Pearl Harbor, and Fox's Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.


Recently, Baja has also focused on producing high-end television series such as Fear the Walking Dead, Sony's Coyote, and streaming movies for Paramount, Sony, and Netflix, among many others.

Those productions have enabled a highly skilled suite of expertise with a lower cost base, more flexible unions, proximity to Hollywood, and access to a comprehensive service offering - a full line of high-end content production solutions, including development , pre-production, production, post-production, animation, special effects and visuals, and today it is one of the most advanced COVID protocol research centers for the film and content industry.


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About the congress

In this virtual congress, we will explore this ecosystem, from the voices of world-class experts, creatives and producers who have worked on projects in Baja California, talking about success stories, opportunities, its proximity to Hollywood and the savings related to high production. of movies, series and virtual reality.


We will also present to the audience the opportunities, the experience through the years of different keynote speakers, key factors of the past, today and the future of the film industry and we will have a discussion with important collaborators registered in this industry.


Our commitment to the audience and the region is to deliver continuous business development in this particular industry and others related to it. In this virtual congress, we will also discuss all the challenges and opportunities in Baja regarding the COVID paradigm: advanced protocols and research for safe production (Lean Cinema and cLean Cinema), driving distance from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, a complete closed ecosystem (Safe Production Island) within Baja Studios, union flexibility, facilitation and government permits and competitive costs.

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