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Angie engelbert

Engelbert landed in California by way of Indiana, Kansas, Illinois, and Mexico in order to totally immerse herself in the world of entertainment. She taught Ian McShane how to hold a newborn while studio teaching on DEADWOOD, toured the USA as Lucy from NARNIA, and sang and danced as a mummy during her summer gig at LEGOLAND, along with the high school kids in the cast she taught during the school year.

Six ex-cons celebrated her birthday one year when she worked as the production coordinator on an unscripted show sold to A&E Australia. Engelbert 's Austin Film Festival recognized short film TORCH has screened in six international film festivals and is currently available on ROKU. She placed in the Top 6% for NBC's Writers on the Verge Fellowship.

Her passion for writing strong YA characters who “get the job done” have earned her recognition with Sundance Episodic Lab, WIF / Blacklist lab, Final Draft and Screencraft as well as short form writing and producing assignments. She's currently a proud participant of the 2020 Women In Film Mentorship program. Outside of writing, she creates partnerships between filmmakers and underrepresented youth in South Bay LA and performs with improv troupe Musical The Musical around town.

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