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Juliana Betancourth (Col)

Juliana Betancourth is a bi-lingual Colombian born actress, and a "Best Actress" Macondo award nominee (the Colombian equivalent of the Oscars) for her lead role in the feature film "VIRGINIA CASTA". She has also won awards at the Culver City Film Festival and the Panamanian International Film Festival for the short films "BITE!", And "THERAPY".

She was invited to be a guest panelist at the Baja International Film Festival, and received a Special Recognition Award. She was also invited to be on the special guest judge on the Short & Sweet Hollywood Theater Festival.

Juliana frequently travels to various locations to work on films, TV shows, and theater productions. Her most recent off-Broadway theater production, "CITIZENS OF THE GRAY", had a successful run in NYC.

Juliana is the host for Radio Latino Inc. programs titled "MUJERES y YO", a show that focuses on women empowerment and creativity, and "STOP AHI", a show that brings aboard successful actors to debate the performing arts.



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