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Derived from the BORDERLESS CONTENT CONGRESS, we note that in this new era of content creation, there are many interested in being part of its community and processes. With increased demand and interest in new stories and new technologies, there is a need to prepare the next generation of content creators and qualify them to work in this constantly evolving industry. The BORDERLESS CONTENT LABORATORY is taking its first step towards this goal.

Borderless Content Laboratory


Provide constant training to promote world-class professionalization for the development of creative content, with the participation of active professionals from the national and international industry.


Expand and replicate the laboratories to new specialties and territories, as well as the highly efficient implementation of the Lean Cinema concept.

Misión y Visión

our principal

Gabriel sebastian reyes

CEO of iDigital Groups and Zona Tijuanense, has been a promoter of innovation in marketing, film and communication in Mexico and the US. He has been a pioneer in animation and digital production since 1990 and in his career has received several awards: five Golden Flames of the National Association of Advertising, acceptance in Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival 2014, recognition in Uruguay for the project " TV Tijuana ", the first Private Public Partnership TV Station in Mexico, among some others. Co-creator of the Mexican Sports Cluster in association with Alazraki Network. Recently it has innovated with concepts of Transmedia and Applied Neuromarketing as an extension of Digital Marketing.

Gabriel 1.jpg

Gabriel is an EPK producer for AMC responsible for the production of additional marketing content for the series “Fear the Walking Dead”. iDigital Groups is also the Marketing firm developing additional content and virtual reality content for the series “Club de Cuervos”, a Netflix Original and produced by Alazraki Entertainment and one of the most successful series in Latin America. His company also did production services for “LUIS MIGUEL, LA SERIE” (Netflix) and “GUERRA DE VECINOS, LA SERIE” (Netflix). He also have credits as a producer in ViacomCBS / Sony / Paramount show “COYOTE”, working with Michelle McLaren, director / producer of Breaking Bad, Ozark, Better Call Saul and Game of Thrones. He is also co-producer, co-director and cowriter of “Mexican Fat”, a show produced by Mojo Global Films, Edward James Olmos and Michael Olmos.


I have published a book called How to Revolutionize Cinema (And not die trying), it was lunched at the Cannes Film Festival 2019 as part of a XR NEXT EVENT conference. The book proposes the implementation of formal INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING TECHNIQUES for the first time as part of the Content Creation Process, also proposes to integrate new media and arts like virtual reality and the marriage of culinary arts and film to deliver a different cinema experience. He is producer, cowriter and co-director of the feature film “MEMORAMA”.


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