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Ramin Shakibaei

The son of an Iranian and a Mexican immigrant, Ramin grew up deeply entrenched in two cultures from opposite sides of the world. Ramin saw, throughout his life, a story unfold in the similarities between these two cultures. Visiting family in Mexico and Iran as a kid painted a strong impression on his world view and cinematography felt like the most visceral tool to share this experience with others. After graduating from the Critical Studies of Film program at USC, Ramin worked his way into IATSE 728 lighting commercial, television, and features for some of the very people who inspired him to pursue this industry. During his 12 years on set, Ramin shot for clients such as Google, Red Bull, and Airbnb, and received awards for his narrative and commercial projects around the world. Speaking three languages fluently has allowed him to connect with subjects and better capture intimate moments with the lens. Ramin brings his collaborative spirit and multicultural lens to every production, whether capturing dairy farmers in the Netherlands or gold miners on the Bering Sea at 40 below. Our connection to one another is the light that guides his point of view.

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